Salute to Martyrs

Salute to Martyrs - Ep 01

Salute to Martyrs - Ep 01 - Captain Syed Ahmed Mubeen Shaheed #6thSeptember #DefenceDay

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Salute to Martyrs

Chief Traffic Officer, Captain Syed Ahmed Mubeen Shaheed, was among those martyred in a suicide bombing in Lahore. This heart-rending incident took place during a sit-in protest conducted by Punjab Medical Stores association & chemist/druggist association near Faisal Chowk, Mall Road, on 13th February 2017.
Late Captain Syed Ahmed Mubeen had received several threats & therefore, decided to negotiate with the protestors. He constantly pledged the demonstrators to clear the roads, moments before the explosion occurred. Happilac Paints pays homage to his valor, his commitment towards his duty & the courage of his family.
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  • Date : 02-09-2019
  • Client : Happilac Paints
  • Category : Video Production
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Salute to Martyrs - Ep 01
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